The Overat list - a few posts you might have missed 'over at' other blogs

Troy Worman over at ProcessGeek was kind enough to publish a post of mine about 3 Key Success Factors for your BPM project. It's quite a long post so if you have a spare few minutes (like during your lunch hour, say), you might like to head over there and check it out.

Sandy Kemsley over at Column 2 has spent this week at the FastForward 2008 conference and has blogged extensively about it. If you don't have Sandy's blog on your RSS feed you should!

Jim Sinur over at has a great post about ways to kill a Business Process Project. It could actually be read as a complement to my ProcessGeek article as it seems to be the flip side of a number of the arguments I espouse.

James Taylor (no, the other one...) over at the Enterprise Decision management blog has an opinion piece about business rules spurred on by a Butler report produced at the back end of last year. Business rules are an important part of BPM and one that James obviously feels passionate about.

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