"The Perfect Process Project" is released

Hampshire: England - GCP Consulting today announced the release of the new eBook "The Perfect Process Project". The book - the culmination of over 20 years experience working with and running projects - helps to identify the key success factors required to make a process definition or modification project run correctly.

"Most projects today will, in some way, affect the underlying processes in an organisation." says the book's author Gary Comerford, "Process change is fraught with difficulty if not dealt with appropriately. The book identifies where projects like this go wrong and proposes solutions. Did you know, for example, that the Gartner Group expect business process management efforts to grow by 35% this year? That's a huge number of projects that need to be appropriately managed."

Success for a project that defines or updates processes is mostly a result of what happens after the project itself has been completed. In many cases the organisation doesn't understand how best to either manage the process, measure the process or change the process.

The eBook will address these issues as well as showing the key mistakes that project managers make when running the actual projects.

The book is available from the following URL


About the company: GCP Consulting is a boutique process management consultancy formed to help companies identify and define process issues within their organisation. The company works in 2 modes: a) Contract: This is when you have a defined block of work with identified deliverables, and wish to engage GCP Consulting to help you achieve these goals. b) Ad Hoc: If your needs are less well defined and you are looking for someone to come in and provide consultancy on an ad-hoc basis (say during the project definition or "pre-sales" part of your project life-cycle) then GCP Consulting can be engaged on an this basis from as little as 1/2 day.

Contact can be made through the company website http://www.gcp-consulting.com

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