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The Process Cafe is approaching it's third year in existence (2.75 to be strictly accurate) and I figured it was about time to see if I could change the layout and design of the site.

To be honest I was never really taken with the old 'dark blue background' look of the site but - of the basic templates provided by blogger (who host this site) - it was probably the one I thought reflected the style of the site the best.

Had I been on Wordpress I would have been using the Thesis design that has become very popular so I was overjoyed to discover that a Thesis style template has been ported across to Blogger free of charge via Blogspot-templates.org.

After spending about an hour transporting it across and working out the widgets etc. I'm now happy to launch the new look and feel of 'The Process Cafe'.

There will probably be a few minor adjustments over the coming days as I work out what tweaks need to be made, but this is the basic new structure of the site.

UPDATE: "Related Posts" are now added to the bottom of every post on this blog. See other posts similar to the ones you are reading. Also the site navigation has been made easier by displaying the archive by category rather than by date (See the left of the page)

You'll notice there is now a menu at the top. I will probably be adding a couple more entries to that as I work out what is best for you, the reader. In the meantime there is a link to my consulting site, and contact details for me.

If you have any feedback please let me know (click on "Contact' above or leave a comment below)

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P.s.. Don't forget the Free Consulting offer is still valid until at least the end of October 2009!

Reminder: 'The Perfect Process Project' is still available. Don't miss the chance to get this valuable insight into how to make business processes work for you.

Click this link and follow the instructions to get this book.

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