The Perfect Process Project v2: Just released

I am pleased to announce the release of "The Perfect Process Project v2". This is an update to my process eBook released last year.

Anybody who has purchased the original 'Perfect Process Project' eBook and registered for updates will have automatically received the latest version of this book last week. For anyone who hasn't got a version of this book feel free to head over to the eBook page and get yourself a copy.

What are the changes?
The changes are quite minor. There have been a few grammar and typographical updates. But there is a new section on 'What the movie 'Office Space' can teach us about following process' as well as some interesting observations about the role of change management in making process projects successful.

This eBook will take you through the main problems with process type projects and help you understand real solutions to the key problems.

For those of you who bought V1, thank you for purchasing the book. If you wish to purchase a further copy of this book please do so by clicking this link to go to 'The Perfect Process Project' purchase page. Better still pass this link onto a friend or colleague who might benefit from it.

All information is Copyright (C) G Comerford

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