Friday Review - 14th May 2010

Here are some of the links posted over on the Process Cafe Espresso Shots this week1

IBM Puts Spotlight on Lombardi at Impact - So IBM are pushing their new aquisition over their own in-house tools ? Bruce Silver has some choice words about that!

BPM Success Factors - I've only been in this business for 20 years do my perspective may be a little new but these two factors seem to be way off the mark. What about management buy-in? What about change management? What about ownership?

Social CRM as provocative disruption. - Some interesting thoughts here on the nature (and relative immaturity) of business rules engines.

Doing the Most Important Thing in an Interrupt Driven World - Jim Sinur puts his finger right on the key issue with BPM - it works by optimising your processes rather than your resources. But is this a bad thing?

< 1 The Process Cafe Espresso Shots is a place for linking to process related articles written by other people that don't merit a full post on the Process Cafe but are still worth your time reading. Sort of an espresso shot of 'The Process Cafe'-eine.

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