A review of the 'As Is'

To Be Or Not To BeA year or two back I wrote an article entitled 'As-is vs To-Be'. It attempted to identified specific reasons why it is important to perform an 'As-is' review prior to starting any work on the 'To-be' status.

Unfortunately not many people are willing to do this. They quote reasons such as 'If we're not going to be using the 'As-is' state in future then there's no reason to waste time actually documenting it. It's a zero-gain effort.

But as I stated in the original post:
In real life if you are using a satnav to navigate to a destination it always has to know where you are starting from in order to determine the best way to the destination. Granted, it can produce a number of different routes to get there, but they are all predicated on the fact that you know where you are starting from. No navigation system in the world can work effectively without knowing a starting and ending location.

What I actually found interesting is that I posed a question at the end of the post which was 'Can anyone think of a reason why an 'as-is' process would not be documented?' Nobody posted any responses with reasons why the 'As is' would not be documented.

So let me pose a different question 'How many of you are currently involved in projects where you feel that  documenting where you are is a waste of time?'
If so, why?

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