More reasons to document your 'As Is'

In The Name OfThe 'As-Is' process: Much maligned and quite divisive? Or a necessary piece of BPM work?

 Regular readers of this blog will know my opinion when it comes to documenting the As Is process (TLDR: Do it), and I was encouraged to see a note from Scott Cleveland on his blog which, basically talks about the same thing. He brings up a number of other points which I think are relevant:

First, companies that have improved processes have followed this tried and true process: Document the process; Check to be sure you have it documented properly; Measure how long that process takes today; Improve the process; and measure again to see if you really did improve it.
Second, if you thought you could come up with the 'perfect' process - I guarantee that by the time you implement it, you will find new ways to improve it. So, the search for perfection is a wasted effort.
Third, implementing your 'perfect' process without measuring the existing process leaves you with no way to show that you actually have made any improvement. 'It just feels better' isn't measurable

Couldn't agree more. I am firmly in the camp of "Let's see what we have at the moment and how we do it before we start running off and defining the future."

Wonder how many times people will have to learn this the hard way before it sinks in...?

(Coming Friday: KPI's and 7 ways they can make your processes worse.)

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