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It occurred to me recently that I haven’t asked a question of my readers for a while - one that will provoke some conversation, I mean.

Obviously there are different forums that these conversations can take place - and if you want to do so, please continue those there and link to them in the comments so I can follow along.

My question today is focused on all those people who have responsibility for process (process definition, process management, process implementation etc. - in whatever form you wish to define it - Case Management, Workflow, BPM etc)

What is your main process priority this year? (and why?)

Potential answers could include (but are not limited to):

  • Understanding process gaps.
  • Defining process owners.
  • Documenting my processes.
  • Rationalising my current process inventory.
  • Getting senior management commitment for process change.
I’m interested to understand what people are focusing on this year.

If you feel like indicating how or if this has changed since last year, please do.

Thank you.
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