The BPM BlackList

Here is the 2011 Fall BPM BlackList:

  • Bruce Silver: Bruce is the daddy of BPMN, has been in the business for years and knows BPMN like the back of his hand (he should do - he helped write it)
  • Jim Sinur: He's been with Global360 and Gartner and he is the industry analyst for the BPM sector. His writing is often formal and rigid, but that doesn't take away from the value of his contents.
  • Theo Priestley: He's the Process Maverick, always ready to try and upset the applecart when it comes to BPM. When he talks it pays to listen to what he's saying
  • Sandy Kemsley: One of only two women on the list (which is a discussion point in itself). She attends and presents a lot at BPM conferences around the world and always has some useful insight into the latest movements in the BPM market. Her blog is 'Column 2'
  • The Process Ninja: He's Australian based and blogs about real-life applications of process. I look forward to his posts.
  • Connie Moore: The Forrester analyst for BPM and the other woman on the list. Finger on the pulse, covers the industry and the general BPM environment.
  • Bouncing Thoughts - Jaisundar from Stanford on BPM, CRM and CPM.
  • Ashish Bhagwat - Posts on BPM at The Eclectic Zone
  • Keith Swenson - writes thoughtful and informative posts on BPM and ACM (adaptive case management) that often inspire long conversations in the comments, and manages to do so without pushing his own company's products
  • Alberto Manuel - If it's pure BPM research you're looking for, Alberto's your man.
  • BP3 Blog - Scott Francis posts regular updates on BPM and associated topics.
I have also added each of these people to a Twitter list. If you wish to follow this list you can find it at my Twitter account.

This is my equivalent of "The Black List", which is a Hollywood list of the top unproduced screenplays every year.

The first version of this was produced in August 2010 by me. There have been a number of changes since then, some of which have been influenced by comments on that post.

For further information on this (and the selection criteria)  please see my post on The BPM Blacklist

Just because you are not on the list at the moment doesn't mean you won't be re-admitted at some later date (in fact I may extend the list to 20 people). Just keep trying to meet the criteria listed above and there is a good chance you'll get on there.