Eyes bigger than your brain...?

James Taylor at Smart (enough) Systems has a great post about Ostriches!

Basically the Ostrich has an eye bigger than it's brain, and James is drawing the analogy between that and managers who want lots of data on a dashboard that they can look at (eyes) but not process (brains)

It all links back to Comerford's Third Law of Metrics which states that "If you're going to measure something at least have a way of feeding it back into the process and affect change" Too many managers and senior executives have fantastic looking dashboards with lots and lots of data on them only to realise that they're either not measuring the right things, or if they are they're not doing anything with that data.

James put's it very succinctly when he say's
.. far too many organizations are obsessed with what they can see in their data and spend far too little time thinking about what to do based on their data.
Couldn't agree more.

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