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James Taylor at Smart Enough Systems has written a post about getting started with Decision Management Systems.

Although I'm not an expert on Decision Management I can see the sense in what he is saying.

It also struck me that the steps he mentions there are very similar to the best ways to start a general process definition project:
  • Begin - even if the first version is not perfect or even close.
    With a lot of process projects the momentum is what carries it through. If you can move from the 'planning what we are going to do' into the 'we are doing it' phase you've overcome a huge barrier and are well on your way to being successful
  • Build - for change not to last.
    Chances are things will change. Your processes run your business but they are guided by your business strategy. If that changes your processes may need to change. Have a good change management process in place.
  • Test - to see what works better.
    Keep working on your processes to determine if there is a better way doing them. Try different alternatives to see if something works better. Move an approval to a different stage of the process. Batch items together. Merge roles. Be creative.
  • Measure - to see how it’s going.
    I'm a big fan of measuring processes (ideally using Comerford's Three Laws of Metrics). Remember if you're not keeping count you're just practicing!
  • Iterate - keep updating and improving the process.
    Fail fast, learn fast, respond faster than your competitors.
Thanks to James for his post

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