New Course Helps Executives Improve Corporate Processes -- Starting at the Top

I'm always in favour of anything that can help businesses (and senior management in particular) understand the need for process mapping in an enterprise

With its recently introduced Strategic Process Management for Executives course, Scottsdale's Business Enterprise Mapping, Inc. is addressing the need to improve processes in all areas of an organization.: Here is the link

As the course is described:

The objective of the Strategic Process Management for Executives
course is to help company leaders begin looking at their organizations
holistically from an enterprise point of view, thinking in terms of
developing a process-based organization that starts with improving
executive processes such as strategic planning, risk management,
resource and capital management, leadership review, enterprise wide
improvement and other areas that are vital to the success of the

My only isue is that courses such as these are not available elsewhere - this one is available in Scottsdale, Arizona and Dallas, Texas (although on-site courses can be scheduled on request).

Anybody know of any other similar courses like this?

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