The Forrester WaveTM: Business Process Analysis, EA Tools, And IT Planning, Q1 2009

Forrester have recently released their The Forrester WaveTM: Business Process Analysis, EA Tools, And IT Planning report for Q1 2009 and it makes fairly mundane reading.

The company invites the top 10 market providers of BPA, EA and IT planning tools to participate providing they meet three criteria:
  • The product must provide broad metamodel capabilities and support several EA frameworks to be recognized by enterprise architects as a potential tool.
  • The vendor has either revenues of at least $20 million or a fast-growing revenue stream.
  • The product version has been released and is generally available prior to August 1, 2008.

The ten companies detailed in the Q1 report are alfabet, Casewise, IBM, IDS Scheer, iGrafx, MEGA,
Metastorm, Sybase, Telelogic, and Troux Technologies (although IBM declined to participate in further research with its WS Process Modeler due to a repositioning of the product following IBM’s purchase of Telelogic).

Surprise, surprise the top players in this area are Casewise, IDS Scheer, MEGA, Metastorm, and Troux for general EA, Casewise, IDS Scheer, and Metastorm are Leaders for BPA usage and alfabet and Troux are clear Leaders for the IT-planning-specific requirements. The only real surprise in any of those is the improvement of Troux Technologies which has done impressive work on its product and strategy after a period lacking in direction following its acquisition of the Metis business from Computas.

So what does this mean or you?
The report itself does pick up one point (in the small print at the end) where it says "Most enterprise architects are still using criteria such as price, ease of use, or metamodel customization to
differentiate enterprise architecture (EA) tools. While these criteria are useful, they are not the ones that
will help you show the real value of EA tools for your enterprise.
" This basically means that those tools that are the best at doing their job are not, necessarily, the ones that are the most popular or best sellers. It also doesn't take into account any other sort of Enterprise Architecture tool such as EVA NetModeller which wouldn't meet the three criteria listed above for inclusion on this report, but is still a market leader in the EA space.

Choose your tools well!

For a copy of the report, click here.

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