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In an effort to try and add some quality information to the readers of The Process Cafe I have identified a number of free documents that you may wish to avail yourself of. These documents and brochures touch on aspects of business process and process management with topics such as "Quality management" and "Using software as a service".

I hope you find them of use.

From Spreadsheet Chaos to an Integrated BPM Application in Six Steps

Many companies are poised to make a commitment in the near term to Business Performance Management (BPM) which could include a focused investment in people, business process improvements, data re-architecture and technology.

This white paper focuses on how to approach and carry out the transition from spreadsheets to a commercially developed BPM solution. The foundation for success is a structured approach with requirements definition, technology selection, vendor selection and product acquisition, implementation, rollout, and continual adaptation.

To read this whitepaper, click here.

Published by: BPM Partners, Inc; Presented by: Infor

What Is ISO 9000 And Should I Care?

ISO 9000 consists of a series of Quality Management System standards that are designed to facilitate and enable consistency of a product or service and thereby ensure that customer requirements are met or exceeded. They can be applied in any manufacturing industry or service sector.

The value of certification to customers is evident, but the quality of the certificate is also important. All certificates are not equal.

As more and more companies become certified, buyers are looking at the reputation of the registrar. DNV's approach is one of a partnership. Our goal is to provide organizations with value-added services that result in a certification which is recognized and accepted by its customers and prospects.

Download this free brochure to learn more about ISO 9000.

How SaaS-Based Tools Provide a Superior End-User Service

Businesses of all sizes have to manage an increasing diversity of remote users and devices. The task ranges from simply keeping systems running to ensuring security, compliance and the achievement of environmental goals. Under this sort of pressure, IT managers and managed service providers, to which the task is often outsourced, must have flexible access to powerful tools and an ability to share the data those tools rely on.

This briefing has been written by Quocirca to address issues faced by organizations that have to manage an increasingly dispersed IT infrastructure.

Click here to download and read the White Paper
Published by Quocirca; Sponsored by NTRglobal.

(Disclaimer: The offers detailed here are affiliate links which will earn money for the Process Cafe although they are free to you.)

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