Friday Review 9th April 2010

Here are some of the links posted over on the Process Cafe Espresso Shots this week1

IT spend as a percent of revenue – a dubious metric at best. - 'm a big believer in having the right metrics to measure performance in most things. I agree with a lot that the author says here. The comments on 'the downside' of this metric are particularly telling.

K2 updates SharePoint workflow-BPM » OnlySoftwareBlog - The latest developments from K2.

Mapping Process Problem Spaces to Solution Spaces - Gartner claim that Column 2's Sandy Kemsley has misinterpreted a comment made at a recent conference. I await Sandy's reply with interest.

1 The Process Cafe Espresso Shots is a place for linking to process related articles written by other people that don't merit a full post on the Process Cafe but are still worth your time reading. Sort of an espresso shot of 'The Process Cafe'-eine.

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