More BPM Survey Results

A couple of weeks ago I asked for people to flick over to a friendly site and complete a 4 question BPM survey

The questions were -

1Which implementation strategy did your organization choose? Big bang, phased rollout, parallel adoption, combo of big bang and phased rollout, or other.
2. If you selected other, please describe the strategy you chose.
3. Was the implementation a success?
4. If you selected no, please explain why.

The results of that survey have recently been released.

The main question asked what sort of BPM project approach have you adopted: Big Bank, Phased roll-out combination big bang and phased or parallel adoption. 89% of respondents followed "big bang," "phased rollout" or a combination of the two strategies.

Eighty-eight percent of implementations - or 40 out of 45 - were successful. This is interesting when taken with the comments from Craig, The Process Ninja, who wrote recently of a 'successful' project that he thought was unsuccessful.

For more detail (and some graphics) about the results check out the google document provided by Houston Neal from

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