NASA is process based: Is that good or bad?

Did you know that every single step in the life of a Space Shuttle is run through documented procedures? That's right, from running the countdown clock to how to repack the parachutes that stop the Solid Rocket Boosters from crashing into the Atlantic Ocean fast enough to destroy themselves, everything is procedure based.

This means that everything can be guaranteed to be identical every time something happens.

Of course there is a downside to this. We all know that there have been two massive Space Shuttle disasters neither of which was a result of a procedure issue but both of which resulted in procedure changes. After the Challenger disaster in the 80's the procedure for Solid Rocket Booster assembly was changed to add an extra O-Ring between the sections. After the re-entry disintegration over Texas the lift-off procedure was changed to ensure that ALL footage of the lift-off was reviewed during the mission to identify potential damage to heat shielding from falling debris.

So if one of the most procedure driven organisations in the world is forced to modify their process and procedure as a result of issues and incidents, does this make you think that you should be looking at things like that too?

How many procedures does your company have? When was the last time they were reviewed? How often do you check that they are all followed exactly? Do you allow shortcuts?

Watch the footage of the Challenger exploding over Florida in 1983 and ask yourself if this could have been prevented through a procedural change.

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