What tools should be in a BA's toolbox for BPM?

There is a great little discussion going on in the BPM Nexus forum at the moment.

The topic is 'What tools should be in a BA's toolbox for BPM?'

Instinctively (As a BA and process analyst myself) I replied "As I've said many times before both in forums and my blog 'If all you have is a hammer then every problem is a nail'. By this I mean that trying to solve your problems through the use of tools alone is inappropriate unless you have the right tools."

The discussion itself has actually moved on a little since then with the introduction of a clarifying statement which basically says that 'Most tools that are currently out on the market are too expensive for a consultant to use themselves (i.e. without being part of a large project)'. I'm not sure I agree with that completely, knowing, for example, that there are consultants out there who have complimentary licenses for some BPM tools as a result of work they have performed with vendors.

It is true to say, though, that as a single consultant with your own company it can sometimes be difficult to get any traction with some of the larger vendors (and there are examples in the forum which illustrate that).

It would be interesting to get the thoughts of some of the readers of this blog on two questions:

1) Are there any tools you absolutely must have as a BA for BPM?
2) Do these tools come easily to you or is it a struggle to get any sort of interest with the vendors?

Either reply in the comments section below or - if you are not already a member, go to the BPM Nexus, join up (It's free of charge) and add your comment to the forum

Here's hoping for a good discussion.

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