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Here are the top ten posts for the year 2010 as indicated by my analytics package.

(Note that some of these may date from earlier than 2010, but have all appeared in the timeline for 2010 according to the analysis)

1. Silo thinking and why it is bad for you

  • Some thoughts on the issues of why organisations tend to try and keep things very insular within departments and what problems that can cause.

2. Your criteria for choosing a BPM tool

  • A post resulting from an entry on the BPM Nexus asking what people look for when deciding which BPM tool to use. Quite a popular discussion at teh time and the results are still valid today

3. Review Lombardi Blueprint Modeling software

  • My own review of the features and failings of the Lombardi Blueprint  Modeling software. This is an out-of-date review now, but a lot of the good points are still relevant.

4. 10 BPM Blogs you should be following

  • Having had the good fortune to discover a number of excellent BPM bloggers I produced a list of those that I think produce the best content and the best writing. This list will be updated regularly.

5. What's the difference between ERP and BPM?

  • I can't take credit for this. Jim Sinur at Gartner has produced a post discussing some of the main differences between these two acronyms. This links to that post.

6. The Gartner BPM Magic Quadrant: My thoughts.

  • A quick discussion on the contents of the Gartner BPM Magic Quadrant.

7.  BPM: The truly useful capability you must have.

  • A statistical and anecdotal look at why BPM is a capability you should be looking at within your organisation. Quotes some reference work and research indicating the potential ROI on projects.

8. Why Saas Pricing will kill BPM in the Cloud

  • A few thoughts on some of the issues of pricing SaaS in the cloud that will have an adverse effect on the usage of cloud-based BPM products.

9. White Space and BPM: The invisible problem

  • It is a widely known but rarely acknowledged fact that the main process issues in organisation appear in 'The white space', that is the areas between two processes or two parts of the process. This post discusses this issue.

10. The Pregnant woman thinking in BPM

  • If one woman can have a baby in nine months then nine women can have that baby in a month. Why thinking like this is affecting your processes.

Let me take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very happy holiday season and I hope to see you all back here next year with more discussions on BPM and process management


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