The No. 1 Success Factor for BPM Projects

In the style of Seth Godin

I recently asked The $64m question about BPM and the answers I received were many and diverse.

So it got me thinking "What is the number one success factor you need to have for BPM projects".

  • Is it training?
  • Is it C-Suite buy-in?
  • Is it an understanding of the benefits?
  • Is it dealing with the hottest burning issue?

The answer is "Yes". It's all of those.

And none of those.

What is most important to your organisation is the factor that will get BPM implemented quicker and easier.

It might be getting C-suite buy-in. It might be getting people trained. It might be making sure everyone understands the benefits of BPM. It might be finding a burning issue that you need to solve.

One thing's for sure: There is always a key success factor in each project.

The next time you're starting a BPM project, consider that the reason the last one failed might be because you had the wrong factor identified. Your challenge is to identify what the right one is and make sure everyone is aligned.

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