Friday review - What happened last week 13th November 2009

With the inclusion of posts on the Posterous Cafe,  this will be a regular weekly consolidation post highlighting some of the key entries made on the Posterous Cafe that may have escaped your attention:

TechPRSpider - Software: Skelta BPM unveils the Worlds 1st Hosted Business Process Management Evaluation Portal – QuickStart™ - A quick look at Skelta's hosted evaluation portal 'QuickStart'. Might be worth a look

How do I pair BPM modeling tools with an SOA?- Some interesting thoughts and opinions on this complex topic

Ten strong hints your enterprise may not have a BI strategy - Click the link for the remaining hints. Some of them are quite straightforward and self explanatory. But that doesn't mean they are wrong!

The Next Generation of Leadership - Interesting - if slightly misguided - discussion with Jim Clifton of Gallup. He is of the opinion that most of the process improvements that can be made have been made already. That's not my experience. Is it yours?

Why Process Barfs on Social - An interesting dissertation on linking social computing and business process together

When “PROCESS” is no longer a four letter word - Mark MacDonald at Gartner has an interesting perspective on 'process' in companies. His view is that many companies see process as a four letter word because they say that it stifles innovation and inspiration amongst other things. The thing to remember is that every company has processes, even if they aren't managing them appropriately. The key - as MacDonald says - is to harness the power of the process for the benefit of the company. Some good reading here

BAM vs. BPO vs. BPM vs. BPA vs. BPMS :: - All the usual suspects are on the list, which goes to prove that acronyms are more trouble than they are worth usually!

Why The Pursuit Of Innovation Usually Fails - - Excellent article from Forbes Magazine about why big companies fail at innovation. Not strictly a process issues, but process is affected by it.

Reminder: 'The Perfect Process Project' is still available. Don't miss the chance to get this valuable insight into how to make business processes work for you.

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