Friday review - 8th January 2010

Welcome to 2010. Here is the first Friday review of the new decade.

Here are some of the links posted over on the Process Cafe Posterous this week1

What is the State of the Cloud? – An Overview « Business Process Management (BPM)-InSights - A quick article from Ian Louw at BPMfundamentals about his thoughts regarding the state of The Cloud. Can you add any more comments regarding supporting the cloud?

A Triage for Hospital Processes (The Process Ninja) - This isn't the usual sort of Process Cafe Posterous link. Usually I link to articles on BPM etc. But this article from The Process Ninja caught my eye as it appears to be very similar to one I wrote on the Process Cafe about 18 months ago. My article was on process improvements in the NHS specifically relating to giving blood. The Ninja's article is on process improvements in the Australian health care service specifically related to triage and emergency services. Might be worth reading the two and seeing if you can spot trends.... My article is here.

Improving a Business Process - 6 simple actions to help improve a business process. They wont all work in every circumstance, but they will cover the baseline you need to improve things. Good little article.

Doing It Wrong - Some interesting, thought provoking comments on the nature of enterprise systems and how IT is doing it wrong. Are there lessons here for process?

Cloud computing will kill these 3 technologies | Cloud Computing - InfoWorld - I know this article is almost a week old - I picked it up from @erniehuber 's twitter account - but it has some interesting things to say about cloud computing. Do you agree?

Enterprise 2.0: it's not about people it's about process. Part 1 | Irregular Enterprise | - Dennis Howlett at Irregular Enterprise has some interesting thoughts on the nature of process vs people. This is always a topic that raises differing opinions. Dennis is on the side that says 'The process is what matters, not the people'. I tend to agree. Do you?

Gartner's Pattern-Based Strategies and BPM - Leadership BPM - Some thoughts and comments regarding Gartner's proposed Pattern-Based Strategies. This commentator is not convinced. Are you?

Incorporating automation into your processes « Andrew One Degree’s Blog - Andrew from Andrewonedegreeblog talks about the possibility of incorporating automation into your processes. Some interesting thoughts, well worth a few minutes of your life to read

1 The Process Cafe Posterous is a place for linking to process related articles written by other people that don't merit a full post on the Process Cafe but are still worth your time reading.

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