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Usually at the beginning of the month I send you through a list of the most popular posts from the blog over the last thirty days. I'm still going to do that. But what I found is that there appear to be regular posts that come up every month. I think the reason is that by highlighting what the popular posts are for a given month more people will check them out during the month and hence they will remain popular over the following 30-or-so days.

What I therefore wanted to do was to give you a list of some of the more popular posts from a response or feedback point of view. This will broaden the possibly base of information you can look at and, maybe, highlight a couple of posts you might want to read.

So here goes. The top five posts for July 2010

1. My thoughts on Gartner's BPM Magic Quadrant

2. Silo Thinking and why it is bad

3. Your Criteria for choosing a BPM tool

4. Review - Lombardi Blueprint modeling tool

5. The Tao of on-line processes (Or how Amazon are doing it right)

You might also want to check out the following posts from last year:

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I'm also going to be tweeting some blog posts links from the last couple of years over the coming weeks. If you wish to follow me on twitter you can do so at @gaz4695

Thanks to everyone who visited the site last month. I hope you keep coming back and finding interesting articles to read and comment on.

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