The Gartner View

The Gartner Group are the owners and developers of the Magic Quadrant principle (basically mapping of a companies ability to execute against it's completeness of vision) Magic quadrants are available for many market sectors and software's.

My primary interest is in the BPA software

Here is a link to the BPA Magic Quadrant for 2nd Half 2007/ 1st half 2008

I was particularly tickled to read the section entitled 'Three Categories of BPA Tool Buyer Focus' There is an important part of that section that talks about Microsoft Visio and it's use in BPA. Basically Gartner are re-iterating the point I made in earlier posts that Visio is a great drawing tool, but if you want something more robust you'll need a modelling tool.

One key thing to notice: Proforma as a vendor is still appearing in this model as the information was collated as at June 2007. Metastorm took over Proforma in August 2007 so i would expect to see that change reflected in the next edition of this Magic Quadrant

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