The Value of Process Driven Architecture

Being a process person and an ex-enterprise architect (Check out my Linked-In CV for more details), I was very interested to read Aristo Togliatti's article on the Value of Process Driven Architecture.

Aristo is referring to the intersection of process management and SOA where the architecture around understanding and governing processes must be robust enough to physically drive the change rather than being passive. It's the difference between documenting what the process is and using the process to drive change.

I've blogged about this in the past when discussing the linkage between documenting processes and managing processes and this article summarises it very succinctly.

I am also very pleased to see mention of the need to have appropriate governance in the form of a process owner, something else I have been extolling in this blog.

Take 5 minutes to read this if you have time. It's well worth it

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