Metastorm release V6.1

As a long time Metastorm software user (back in the days when it was still Provision) I have followed the development of the tool with interest.

Metastorm have recently announced the release of the latest version 6.1 of the Metastorm Provision suite. One of the keys to this particular release is a tighter integration between the different parts of the old Metastorm BPM tool and the new Provision software. Previously the two sets of software were separate and used non-connected databases necessitating the usage of a connector created by Metastorm and Provision partner iOctane from Australia. Metastorm has defined it's strategy which calls for complete integration between the two systems, and indeed in discussions I held with Metastorm in the UK last year they reinforced this quite strongly. Timelines were not given although it was stated that it was 'urgent' and 'a high priority' for the company. Release 6.1 seems to be laying the foundation for that integration.

As Metastorm themselves say:
To more effectively align strategy with execution, Metastorm is moving its independent EA, BPA, and BPM applications to a common platform – Metastorm Enterprise – that will include shared services and a common meta-model for enhanced visibility and better understanding of the impact of decisions at all levels. As part of the Metastorm Enterprise platform development, Metastorm ProVision 6.1 includes enhancements that allow it to better interoperate with Metastorm BPM® and to scale to the needs of large enterprise architecture demands.

The impact of this at the current release is negligible, but this lays the foundations for more integration with - amongst others - the BPM suite of tools being able to access the Provision simulation functionality in the next release.

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