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Here are a few items that are coming soon on the Process Cafe

Interview with the Director of Strategic Initiatives at IDS-Scheer
This Thursday (26 Feb) I have a briefing session with Allen Johnson who is the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Americas at IDS-Scheer. This company is the vendor who supply the industry leading Aris software. I will be talking to him about the impact current federal change initiatives are going to have and how BPM will play into that. I will also take the opportunity to ask him a few choice questions about the Aris software and it's future direction as well as covering the whole BPM space in general. If you have any specific question you would like me to ask him please leave your question in a comment below. I can't guarantee I'll ask all of them, but whatever I do ask will be published as a post (or a series of posts) over the next couple of weeks.

Review of the Lombardi Blueprint software
Shortly after that has occured I am going to be working with the Lombardi company to do an impartial assesment of their Blueprint software. This is touted as "the simplest way to document your processes" and "next evolution of process documentation and workflow diagramming tools". I'll be getting a copy of the software and running it through a typical 'real-life' scenario to let you know how it works.

Review of the ProcessMaster Software
Just for balance and in comparison I will also be looking at the Process Master software. This is a fairly new piece of software which competes in the same (or similar) space to the Lombardi product mentioned above. Speaking with the team at Process Master it appears that they have gone head to head with Lombardi on several occasions and have come out victorious on more than one. I will attempt to put the Process Master software through the same test as the Lombardi one to try and get an equal comparison

These things will be occuring over the coming month or so, so stay tuned for updates.

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