TOGAF V 9 is released

February 2nd was not only Groundhog Day but it also marked the official release of The Open Group Architecture Framework Version 9 (TOGAF v9)

As per the press release:

The Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference will feature the formal launch of TOGAF version 9, the popular enterprise architecture framework, on Monday, February 2nd. TOGAF 9 introduces significant enhancements to the previous version of the standard, which will be showcased in detail by some of the top TOGAF experts and trainers in the world. Chris Forde, chair of The Open Group Architecture Forum and VP technology integrator at American Express, will kick off the day by delivering a plenary presentation about the v alue of TOGAF. The conference’s second day will further explore TOGAF, using real-world case studies to showcase some of the successful outcomes of using the standard. Parallel tracks at the conference will feature sessions devoted to further examination of enterprise architecture, including sessions about ArchiMate®, The Open Group’s open and independent modeling language for enterprise architecture.

“In difficult economic times, the adoption of open standards related to enterprise architecture by customers of IT products and services is even more important, since it results in greater freedom of choice. The scale of adoption of TOGAF 8, the growth of our membership and the strength of participation at our Enterprise Architecture Practitioner Conferences are all evidence that this is an area regarded as critical by many types of organizations,” said Allen Brown, president and CEO, The Open Group.

As an ex-Enterprise Architect I read this with interest. TOGAF is becoming a de-facto standard when it comes to enterprise Architecture and I think the extreme effort put in by the Open Group has a lot to do with that. Consider the Zachmann Framework, which is by far the best known example of an architecture framework. It has been around for many years but still hasn't evolved beyond the basic level of a grid with relevant items at the intersection. As I have mentioned before on this site John Zachmann himself is hard pushed to give concrete examples of the artifacts which are produced from some of his intersections. But as I look at Enterprise Architecture roles which are being listed in the classified sections I note that a large number of them are wanting TOGAF trained or TOGAF experienced people to apply. Surely this cannot be a co-incidence?

eBIZ has a great little article by Beth Gold-Bernstein about TOGAF v9 and it's components. If you are at all interested in this I would suggest a quick read would be appropriate. The article can be found here.

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