My Blog Comments Policy

I have comments enabled on almost all the posts on all my blogs

However, these are ALL moderated without exception.

The reason for this is twofold:

1) It allows me to track comments which merit a response as all comments come to my inbox for review
2) It let's me reject inappropriate comments

On that last topic let's talk about inappropriate comments.

Generally if you write something which disagrees with something I say but does it in a respectful and considered way, I'm going to allow it. I have no problems with contrary opinions. But if you start to degenerate into slander, verbal assault and derision then, I'm sorry, but your comment is going to be deleted faster than you can say 'troll'. Back at the beginning of the year I wrote a post over on the Musings Cafe about my new Macbook. In that post I was concerned about the fact that I couldn't really do anything because I didn't have an internet connection for it. But I did like the machine itself. I received several, very uncomplimentary, comments from Mac fanboys who were unable to see the post for what it was and merely dismissed me as a loser because of my 'network' comment (In fact I wrote a post about this called 'The Zealots').These comments were never published.

The other kind of post I won't allow is something which is blatantly self promoting. The last half dozen or so posts I've written on the Musings Cafe have all been commented on by one individual (who's name I shall not mention) who works for a large mobile phone manufacturer. EVERY post he has commented on he has managed to turn the comment into a blatant self promotion. As an example, on the 'Things I didn't know' post about working with the Japanese film crew he commented as follows:

"Great Post! I wonder how the film crew manage to communicate between themselves. If it was me I would use the NokiSonMotoEric BFG2000 mobile phone. I really like this phone. You should check it out too."

On my post about a typical Twitter day he wrote:

"Great post. I wonder if you can us Twitter on a mobile phone? If it was me I would use the NokiSonMotoEric BFG2000 mobile phone. I really like this phone. You should check it out too"

To be honest I actually like the style of the guy. He obviously thinks a little bit about how he can spin the post around to focus on mobile phones rather than writing a stock answer to every post.

However, it's blatant self promotion and will not be allowed.

Now if I'm talking about a topic that you happen to know and understand, and you have a relevant website that can throw some added detail into the conversation, then - providing you write a comment that's reasonable and detailed - I'm not going to delete you. Try writing "I blogged about that here:" and you're gone.

It's a simple policy, but it works......

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