The top 10 articles from The Process Cafe in 2009

Happy New Year to all readers!

After checking my visitor logs recently I wanted to let you know what were the 10 most visited pages here on the Process Cafe in 2009

  1. Your criteria for choosing a BPM tool
  2. Review:  Lombardi's Blueprint software
  3. What's the difference between ERP and BPM?
  4. About me
  5. Gatner's BPM Magic Quadrant - My thoughts
  6. Visio - The Devil's tool
  7. What happens if you win the lottery?
  8. They think of us as being the same as electricians - A discussion with K2
  9. Tim Wilson and Free BPM Tools
  10. BPM in the pharmaceutical Industry
I'm not too sure about to 4th most 'popular' (but if you do want to know more about me check out my Consulting site), but the other articles are generally one's I have written either in response to something I have read elsewhere or which are based on real-life experiences working with clients. Feel free to have a look over some of these articles yourself.

There are also a number of articles which are grouped together under different classifications that you might find interesting.
  1. My recent series of posts on the Unseen Side of process projects can be found here.
  2. Articles that discuss reasons why projects and processes are not always successful can be found here.
  3. My general thoughts and philosophy about process can be found in these posts.
  4. All my posts that link to other articles (Such as The Friday Review) articles are here.

I hope to be able to provide a lot of good information for you this year on The Process Cafe so please keep checking back for more. Or, if you haven't already subscribed please do so by clicking the 'subscribe' icon in the right hand menu bar.

Enjoy your 2010.

All information is Copyright (C) G Comerford 

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