When is a BPM suite not a BPM suite...?

IBM has recently announced the release of it's "IBM BPM Suite" (catchy name eh?). It basically consists of various applications from across it's product range (Websphere, Filenet, Process Manager, Rational Asset manager, etc.) bundled together to produce a 'suite'.

But hang on, isn't a suite of programs supposed to be integrated and seamless? Do we really think that having both WebSphere and FileNet (with some Rational and Lotus, as well) and a choice of two foundational 'Starter Sets' make it easier for folks to get started with BPM? I don't think so.

That's right, apparently IBM is selling two starter sets of applications: One of those starter sets is WebSphere Modeler, Monitor,
and Fabric (which includes parts of WID and Process Server). The other is FileNet (confused yet?).

Of course the problem is that IBM has several brands (IBM, Lotus, Rational) which all have some sort of overlapping or similar tools, and making them work together is what's causing the issue.

To my inexperienced and untrained eye this looks a little bit like a train wreck waiting to happen.

I'd love to be proved wrong on this though!

For more on this check out Bruce Silver's review at his BPMS watch

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