10 Steps to a Successful CRM Implementation - A CRM Whitepaper

One of the key items that came out of my recent eBook "The Perfect Process Project" relates to the fact that projects do tend to suffer from common problems.

This white paper is related to a similar topic but it is focused on CRM projects. A CRM solution can have an enormously positive effect on your business's bottom line, but a lot can go wrong during a rollout if you haven't planned properly.

This White Paper addresses topics such as:
  • Budgeting realistically
  • Training employees
  • Managing the implementation
I, obviously, have a close affiliation with CRM given that it is, basically, a business process that needs to be managed appropriately. It is also (or has been recently) one of the key processes in the news.

This white paper is totally free and is definitely worth downloading. Click the graphic to download

(Note this is a third party white paper and is not affiliated with GCP Consulting or the Process Cafe. Registration is required and you need to be in the US or Canada to download)

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