BPM and Social media

I looked at this a while back and got no traction on it whatsoever. One problem I had was equating 'BPM' as a concept with 'Social media' as a concept. It seemed like they were too far apart
Sandy Kemsley has put together a presentation which touches on some of the main points regarding this:
  • Drivers for BPM: These include items such as 'Changing user expectation', 'trends towards greater collaboration', and 'Lack of agility in many current BPMS implementations'
  • Collaborative process modeling with points such as multiple people participating in discovery and modeling of processes
  • Collaborative process execution where users can step outside the structured process and create an ad-hoc collaboration

BPM and social networking
My takeaway from all of this is that the use of 'social networking' in a BPM sphere is rather more limited than I imagined, but does include a much broader definition of social networking. For example she mentions Google Wave as a tool to be used in process discovery as well as the use of forums to create external communities of practice. I don't discount any of these ideas but I don't specifically align them with 'social networking and BPM' With the broadening in the definition of Social Networking in this case I think it is a lot easier to classify items which were previously one thing as another (user forums and email, for example)

There is no doubt in my mind that the technologies and mind-set shifts that Sandy describes are having a profound effect on the way people do business today (or at the very least are building a foundation that will facilitate larger scale uptake in the near future), but whether this can truly be called 'BPM and Social media', I would question.

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