Friday review - What happened last week 6th November 2009

With the inclusion of posts on the Posterous Cafe,  this will be a regular weekly consolidation post highlighting some of the key entries made on the Posterous Cafe that may have escaped your attention:

Teamworks 7 BPMS Report - A report from Bruce Silver on Teamworks 7's latest update. If you're not following Bruce, by the way, you should be)

Time for the next generation of knowledge automation - Some interesting thoughts about EDM, complex event management, ERP and BPM from

CIO: Don't attempt BPM system without mapping process flows - A neat little article from Niel Nickolaisen about how he learned the hard way that mapping process flows is a pre-requisite to attempting BPM

Piloting social media creates more problems than it mitigates - Some thoughts on the use of project pilots for social media projects, and how process issues mean they may just fail...

Process excellence: No loose change - A lengthy case study on achieving process excellence at a UK high street financial institute. A good read.

6 Business Process Management Best Practices - I'm not sure these would be called 'Best Practices'. More like common sense to me, but useful nonetheless.

What can BPM vendors learn from the iPhone? - Mark Mcgregor (Fellow BPM Nexus Board member) discusses the thing that Apple (in a saturated mobile phone market) did very well with it's iPhone that BPM vendors should look at. Some very astute observations here and something that I think more vendors should be focusing on.

Why are Business Rules Subjugated to Process Management When Business Rules Should be Leading Process Management? - Read the discussion around this topical question.

BPM Promises "Simplicity" In 2010. Is This "Hope We Can Believe In" Or Still A Pipe Dream? -
A thought provoking and well thought out piece by Mr. Richardson on upcoming hot topics for BPM. Take 5 minutes to read this, you'll thank me later.

Reminder: 'The Perfect Process Project' is still available. Don't miss the chance to get this valuable insight into how to make business processes work for you.

Click this link and follow the instructions to get this book.

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