Friday Review - 27th November 2009

Here are some of the links posted over on the Process Cafe Posterous this week

Green savings with BPM and EA Interesting post from Metastorm's Laura Mooney about green initiatives and how they can be gleaned using BPM and EA

The "30 second" 2-minute silenceAn excellent process control: Designed to stop a problem, but with an override capability if needed.

How Will BPM Deal with Pattern Based Strategies (PBS)? - Thought and comments from Gartner about the use of Pattern based Strategies and their link to BPM

BPMN vs BPEL: Are We Still Debating This? « BPMS Watch -Bruce Silver on the debate between BPM and BPEL. Yes they are, in a sense, complementary, but is one easier than the other?

Creation vs. Evolution (a business process perspective) « Bizappia Perspectives - Some interesting views on BPM & business from the Bizappia blog

If it seems too hard, it is too hard (The Process Ninja) - The Process Ninja has a lightbulb moment when looking for.. a lightbulb. Some good thoughts here on customer service and thinking of things from the customer's point of view.

First Steps to BPM Analysis with the 5 Ws « SgIM - Sanooj Kutty at the SgIM blog posits a different approach to getting your requirements gathering down on paper. Rather than confuse everyone with numerous and complex versions of the truth just sit and ask the 5 W's - Who, What, When Where and Why. Simple. But is it effective?

Reminder: 'The Perfect Process Project Second Edition' is now available. Don't miss the chance to get this valuable insight into how to make business processes work for you.

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