Friday review - What happened last week 20th November 2009

With the inclusion of posts on the Posterous Cafe,  this will be a regular weekly consolidation post highlighting some of the key entries made on the Posterous Cafe that may have escaped your attention:

Business Intelligence - A Practitioner's Thoughts: Bounded Rationality, BI and Beyond -10 'Did You Know?'s related to BI and the BI marketplace. Wonder how much of this applies to BPA/BPM as well? I would imagine the sections on the cloud are particularly relevant

BPM: Something for Everyone - BPM from a Business Point of View - More from BPM Basics for Dummies, but don't let that put you off

BPM fuels business growth | ITWeb - An interesting short article from South African using BPM technologies in the workplace

Process transformation - perspectives on "Business Process Management": Complexity Approach - A new perspective on organizations? - Great article from Roeland Loggen with some interesting perspectives regarding 'complexity' and how we might just be making things more complex than they need to be

Aligning Business Process with User Interfaces - Linking Business Processes and User Interfaces at Devoxx’09 A few interesting thoughts on the human aspect of business process design which is often forgotten

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