The BPM Nexus Survey results are out

'We could all do BPM better if we were less resistant to change'. This appears to be the overarching message coming from a recent survey of members of the BPM Nexus

The BPM Nexus recently ran a survey to understand the state of BPM in its member's organisations. The results have just been published.

The survey consisted of ten questions, some of which had predefined answers and some of which were free text. Here's a sample of the results:

When asked ‘If you had 1 wish related to BPM what would it be?’ 44% said ‘Better understanding of BPM by themselves and their organisation’

Associated with this we asked ‘What is the one thing that companies could do now, with their existing resources,  to help them improve, but they don’t?”. The main answer was “Start doing it!’.

The overall impression gained from the results is that there is a general lack of knowledge and awareness of BPM within organisations - especially amongst senior management. This was coupled with 25% of respondents saying that there is no support or enabling for process education in their company.

On the positive side, though, if companies can approach the cultural issues associated with process work (which are often the cultural issues associated with change) a huge barrier for getting process work done in an organisation will be removed. Funding does not seem to be a major issue at the moment.

The results make fascinating reading. If you wish to get a copy of the results head on over to the BPM Nexus and sign up.

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