Friday Review - 12th March 2010

Here are some of the links posted over on the Process Cafe Espresso Shots this week1

Who are the BI Personas? - Some interesting thoughts from Forrester on business intelligence and the fuzzy demarcation lines between producers and consumers.

Dealing with change: are you set up for it? - The article below is a discussion with Marc Andresson about new technology. But what it also does is raise questions about 'old media' and their inability to change with the times. His advice is to follow the example set by the explorer Cortez who - on arriving in the newly discovered country - promptly burned the boats to send the message that there is no going back. This is, of course one of the main issues related to process management. I wonder if there are parallels between this situation and any project you are currently working on? Are your process users resistant to change? Would burning the boats be a solution?

ERP Implementation Strategies – A Guide to ERP Implementation Methodology - Head over to the Software Advice blog and take their quick 4 question survey about ERP implementation. Did you implement BPM in a big bang approach? Or maybe it was a phased rollout? Or what about Parallel adoption? Inquiring minds want to know

1 The Process Cafe Espresso Shots is a place for linking to process related articles written by other people that don't merit a full post on the Process Cafe but are still worth your time reading. Sort of an espresso shot of 'The Process Cafe'-eine.

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