BPM vendors need to understand customer business goals and operations

A new survey from the Butler group makes for interesting (and disturbing) reading

Apparently there is a growing gap between BPM Vendor assumptions and customer expectations. As the article says
The industry analysts find many of the latest features -- which BPM vendors genuinely see as adding value to their product offerings -- are viewed by the end-user community as little more than lightweight "bells and whistles."
That's a bit of a damning indictment of the BPM vendors, but one that I think is more than justified. Another, more worrying theme, that has appeared from this research is that
BPM is often brought in to a business to solve a particular problem or provide facilities in a part of the business operation where there is currently a technology gap or integration shortfall. This approach leaves the value-to-business model for BPM being driven by the technology’s ability to allow business professionals – process owners and business analysts – to develop operational processes that accurately reflect their business requirements
So, basically, we're in the situation where IT is now the driver for BPM implementation and the business is being left behind, somewhat. In reality what we need is a situation where the business is driving the BPM need, IT is aligned with this and a vendor comes along that can match the two sets of requirements and still remain within everyone's expectation.

That's a high bar to reach. I wonder if anyone can?

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