The only constant in BPM is change (but certainly not the 'M')

Mark McGregor has a great post over at his blog about how the meaning of 'BPM' has changed over the years. First it was Business Process Modeling then Business Process Management then.. Oh, wait I'm starting to confuse myself. It's probably best to head over to Mark's blog and read the article yourself.

What is does highlight to me though, in all seriousness, is that we are living in a world where the only constant is change. From the work that we are asked to do right through to the what the three letter acronyms actually stand for, nothing seems to stay still for long enough. I subscribe to various news feeds which highlight BPM and I am constantly amazed, for example, at the number of companies who are now in the market place offering BPM (or BPMS, or EA or BPA) applications. This is a burgeoning marketplace and as such, each new vendor will likely want to give his or her own spin on various things to keep that competitive edge. This is one of the reasons that things change so fast. As a business process practitioner I love working in an environment of change. The challenges are far better than when things are constant.

But is that good or bad....?

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