Some great posts from the Enterprise Decision Management Blog

I ran across the links below at the EDMBLOG where they had posted a link to 10 of the most popular stories and entries they made during 2007.

Some of these are really good and I recommend you check out the EDMBLOG whenever you can. If you don't have it on your RSS feed, you should!

  1. Business Intelligence 2.0 and Enterprise Decision Management
  2. Why are business rules better than traditional code?
  3. Windows Workflow Foundation - rule engines and rule management
  4. The secret of business user rule maintenance
  5. Customer Segmentation to increase profits
  6. Business Rules, Business Decisions, Intelligent Processes, Enterprise Decision Management
  7. Book Review: Competing on Analytics (the only book review to make the top 10, though Execution. The Discipline of Getting Things Done came close)
  8. What's the difference between Business Rules Management Systems and Business Rules Engines?
  9. Different Perspectives
  10. Using decisioning to build the bank of the future

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