Friday review - What happened last week 30th October 2009

With the inclusion of posts on the Posterous Cafe, hopefully this will be a regular weekly consolidation post highlighting some of the key entries made on the Posterous Cafe that may have escaped your attention.

What is ITIL? - A post from the ARIS BPM community which focuses on ITIL V3 and lays the foundation for further posts relating to the use of ITIL within the ARIS ITIL Reference Model

Pegasystems merges Agile methodology with BPM - A software update from Pegasystems which incorporates agile methodologies with BPM itself. Not totally sure of the value of this as it seems to be expanding the software to do things outside it's core competencies. If you know better let me know.

Do Process Exchanges really work? - A debate topic from Jim Sinur about whether vendors should swap processes as a means of preventing reinventing the wheel, or whether this won't work in practice. What do you think?

IBM Congos 8 mash-up Service - An article identifying new improvements in the SOA space from IBM/ Cognos

'Why processes not technology will drive business improvement: A very interesting article (From Computer Weekly) about the movement away from 'IT Departments to 'Business Process Departments'

What are the hot questions in BPM? Gartner's Jim Sinur posits 5 questions that need to be asked in relation to BPM as a capability now that it is becoming more and more mainstream. Personally I think at least 4 of them are 'generic' capability questions, but Jim answers them nonetheless.

Reminder: 'The Perfect Process Project' is still available. Don't miss the chance to get this valuable insight into how to make business processes work for you.

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