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The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed a couple of things recently (other than the change of template for this blog)

1) I'm posting a lot more shorter articles than I used to
2) These articles generally finish with an 'Autoposted from The Process Cafe Posterous' entry at the bottom of them.

These two items are related. Using Posterous - the email-in blog application - I have created a blog that I can use to automatically post relevant articles I find. These may come from Google reader, Friendfeed, Popurls or just general browsing. If I see an article that is relevant that I wish to comment on I will post it the The Process Cafe Posterous. From there it will go out on twitter to the 700 or so followers I have there. If the article is particularly interesting I will also then autopost it from Posterous here to the Process Cafe. So any article with 'Autoposted from The Process Cafe Posterous' can be accessed directly on my Posterous blog.

You might want to have a quick look at the Posterous blog as it does contain a few links that don't appear here on the Process Cafe. Think of it as 'bite sized Process Cafe'

(By the way if there are articles I note that I just recommend you read without comment these appear in the 'Process Articles in the News' section in the right column of the Process Cafe.)

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