Why processes, not technology, will drive business improvement

Businesses are constantly seeking new ways to maximise their profitability and this is never truer than in today's tough economic times, writes Alan Bowling, chairman of the SAP UK & Ireland User Group.

Traditionally, businesses had large IT teams with a complex range of skills that could keep systems constantly in tune with the changing needs of the organisation.

However, over the next few years we will see a shift in the types of businesses that use IT successfully and the ways they use it. Those that will likely be most successful will be those that focus on modelling and modifying their business processes rather than concentrating solely on the technology.

This is a very interesting article (From Computer Weekly) about the movement away from 'IT Departments' to 'Business Process Departments'. The author contends that software will become so sophisticated in the coming years that a need to manage the application and technology will be replaced by a need to manage the actual process that is being modeled. I'm not totally aligned with this as a concept (because I firmly believe that the capability is what should be managed rather than the underlying technology), but it is interesting to note that a move such as this would effectively spell the end of traditional IT departments and replace them with something more akin to a Business Process Management capability.

Your thoughts on this?

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